Distillerie Mazzari produces electric energy through two turbo – alternators of 1.450 KW powered by steam at high pressure given by the thermic power plant; furthermore the company use the biologic gas (biogas) for the production of electric and thermic energy from renewable sources. This plant is composed by two endothermic engines of 1.131kw each. Distillerie Mazzari is self–sufficient for the production of electric energy and the surplus is sold to a local energy company.

At the same time we haveinstalled a heat recovery boiler which produces steam at low pressure through exhausted smokes of the engines and a heat recovery plant which preheats the water of the thermic plant due to the cooling water of the two engines. This energy recovery is represented with Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates) while the cogeneration plant has been qualified by GSE (Energetic Services Company) as a plant powered by renewable sources for whom Green Certificate are released.

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Distillerie Mazzari S.p.A. - Via Giardino, 6 - 48020 Sant'Agata sul Santerno (RA) Italy
Share Capital: €20.000.000, Tax Code and VAT: 00454950395, RA-94733, PEC:
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