Digestion Plant

Digestion Plant

Distillerie Mazzari is equipped with an anaerobic digestion plant where the highly biodegradable residues of distillation are processed.

The anaerobic digestion plant consists of four cylindrical digesters of 6.000 m3 each. Three reactors functioning as primary digester and are directly powered using vinasse coming out from production process, the fourth reactor is a secondary digester which is powered with the overflow of the three primary.

From the anaerobic digestion process we produce biological gas (biogas) which is depurated and is sent to the endothermic engines through compressors for the production of electric energy and thermic. Through the floatation plant The digestate undergoes, the separation of the solid part from the liquid one.

The solid part is filtered through a tape-press then it is stored on hold of its final use in agriculture while the water residues obtained from the floatation and filtration processes are sent to the aerobic depuration process; Studies carried out on the digestate had shown high results for fertilization, it increase not only the chemical and physical characteristic of the soil but it is specially suitable for some coltures as tomatoes, peas, etc…

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