Industrial Alcohol and Ethanol-based Solvents

Industrial Alcohol and Ethanol-based Solvents

The ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin produced by Distillerie Mazzari can also be used by the chemical industry in its diversified uses, including biocarburization.

  • Alcohol for industrial use: ethyl alcohol of different quality standards, in gradations between 90° and 99.9°, is the basis used for the production of denatured alcohol used in several fields: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, basic chemistry, detergency. In this category we also include the absolute alcohol, obtained by anhydrification of ethyl alcohol through molecular sieves filled with zeolites, capable of retain the water molecules, allowing the achievement of an alcohol content of more than 99.9%. It is important to underline that Mazzari bioethanol, obtained from the by-products of winemaking, is increasingly used in the automotive sector. It is in fact a biofuel defined today as “advanced”, and it is used mixed with gasoline with the aim of minimizing the dependence on fossil fuels and the environmental impact in the transport sector, in order to obtain a world increasingly green.
  • Organic solvents, NC 3814 0090: mixtures authorized by the Customs Authorities based on ethyl and isopropyl alcohol and ethyl acetate, developed according to the specific needs of our customers to be used exclusively in industrial uses. They do not fall within the “excise” legislation.

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