Wine Distillate and Brandy

Wine Distillate and Brandy

For the medieval alchemists it was named “aqua vitae”, i.e. “the water of life” and, like a proper elisir, it was held in high esteem. Faithful to this ancient vocation our Wine Distillate and then the Italian Brandy produced by Distillerie Mazzari stand out in the market for the quality, genuineness and aroma.

All the collected wine is analyzed and, after careful selection, only the best quality wine is used for the production of Wine Distillate, while the remaining is used for the production of Alcohol for food use.

In addition to the production of fresh Wine Distillate, it is also produced and marketed the Italian Brandy, the most precious of the Wine Distillates, aged at least one year in oak barrels, which gives the distillate greater value, enhancing its organoleptic characteristics and giving it a unique aroma.

The Brandy produced by Distillerie Mazzari finds a market also in countries such as France, characterized by areas of strong artisan tradition and by a well-established production in the great districts Cognac and Armagnac.

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