Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The fruit is milled and the cider we obtain is fermented into dedicated silos.
At the end of the fermentation process the cider is distilled in order to obtain alcohol for food use.

For the production of Fruit Distillate (peaches apple, cherries, etc..) and in particular Williams Pears Distillate, the above process has to meet some special requirements such as fermentation at controlled temperature and fruit of higher quality.

The collected wine is stored into stainless steel silos and, only after an accurate analysis of the organoleptic characteristics of the product performed by our internal Laboratory, it is used in the production of Food Alcohol or Wine Distillate.

The lees, by-products of the wine-making process, come in an slimy and liquid form. The slimy lees, called “solid lees” are stored in dedicated buildings, whereas the liquid lees are stored in tanks.
The processing involves a mixture of solid lees, liquid lees and water in order to obtain a solution with a pre-defined and constant alcohol and tartaric acid content, so that the feeding to the Distillation Plant and to the Calcium Tartrate Plant is uniform.

They are by-products of the wine-making process, usually in solid form with a much higher tartaric acid content than the marc or the wine lees, while the alcohol content is null.
Both products are used in the production of Calcium Tartrate.

Calcium Tartrate is the semi-finished product that is obtained from the detartarisation of the residual material resulting from the distillation of the by-products of winemaking, commonly called “stillage”.

After passing through cylindrical reactors and centrifuges, the crystals are dried in order to avoid the decomposition of the organic material contained within them.
The Calcium Tartrate obtained is subsequently stored and used for the production of Natural Tartaric Acid.

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